Upwards every day!

Here is the latest installment from Mark the carpenter from early July 2017. Progress is swift:

Upwards every day

We are forging ahead here and going upwards every day. The walls for the northern group of rooms are now all up to floor level, the workshop/store now has a concrete floor and the perimeter walls are rapidly gaining height.

Now that the stonework is all above ground, we have employed some stone dressers to turn the rough stones into clean faced, square cornered blocks. Led by Francis (in the white vest, axe in hand), who is Auntie Phyllis' husband, these guys hack away with axes. They clean up each lump by eye and produce very accurate and regular results. They get paid by the foot, which is why the stones are laid out in neat rows for inspection.

Meanwhile the floors in the rooms are being levelled and filled with hardcore prior to pouring concrete. The hardcore is delivered in large lumps which get broken up and beaten down in situ by sledgehammer. This is a really tough job in this heat and a great upper body workout!

St Jerome's is definitely an equal opportunities employer. It is great to have Wanjiru working with us. She can swing a shovel and djembe as well as any of the men, and she takes no lip either. She says she doesn't want a husband because she wants to buy her own shamba and build her own house and not have anyone tell her what to do! Judging by her work rate here, it won't take her long.

Love Mark

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