Pitching the idea to Apacheix

I knew the pitch wasn't going to be straight forward. I had been to Kenya and seen what the centre did first hand. I had an emotional attachment to it. But how could I convey this to my business partners. It took some thought as all good pitches do. It turned out that thinking about how we might mutually benefit from the arrangement helped a great deal. As a new company with ambitions to grow, we are competing to attract the best people to join our organisation. So I pitched it to my business partners as an opportunity to offer our employees something different by encouraging them to support the charity. We would provide our employees with the opportunity to work with the trustees to define the projects they would support, and then volunteer in country to turn ideas into reality. This would offer valuable experience in working with stakeholders in a challenging environment, something critical to the work we do as a company for our clients. As a bonus Apacheix would cover many of the expenses incurred by our employees. The charity would of course benefit by being supported by talented volunteers who can help deliver their infrastructure projects, in addition to the capital provided by Apacheix. What was the reaction of my business partners? It was a no brainer. They really liked the concept, and apart from a few minor details to iron out, the idea was approved without reservation. So far so good. Next step, pitch it to the charity trustees!

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