Project Management & Controls

All organisations have activities that demand some level of project management in order to ensure they deliver the outputs required. Projects typically follow a common lifecycle, and have in common the need to balance time, cost and scope in order to deliver the required level of quality with a level of risk that is acceptable. But how do you know if you have that balance right? And how do you ensure that a suitable level of project management discipline has been applied to your projects? Apache independent eXperts can provide talented and experienced project managers and project management support to help you identify, plan, execute and control your projects so that they deliver the outputs you demand in an acceptable time, cost and quality envelope.

For organisations that consistently deliver change, there is a need to ensure all change activities are co-ordinated and delivered consistently and to the same standards. There may also be a need to provide specialist support services to portfolios, programmes, and projects. But how do you know what the right model for your organisation is? And how well are your programmes and projects performing? In addition to independent planning, cost engineering, cost forecasting, risk, EVM, CRA, TRA, and SRA services, Apache independent eXperts  can also provide advice on the design and implementation of P3O, organisation governance, management information and analytics, information knowledge management, benefits realisation planning, scrutiny and assurance, maturity assessments, and training and coaching.

Deliver your Project Outputs