The St Jerome's Centre in Nakuru, Kenya

Apacheix are pleased to be a corporate sponsor of the St Jerome's Centre in Nakuru, Kenya. Their vision is to become a leading charitable organization within the Nakuru County of Kenya, assisting the maximum number of orphans possible. Their mission is to nurture and care for Kenya's orphans by facilitating their access to basic needs such as education, health and security.

The St Jerome’s Centre is a newly established home for orphaned children located just outside the town of Nakuru, Kenya. It is named after the patron saint of orphans and abandoned children. In January 2012 their new home was officially opened and is now home to 33 Kenyan children of all ages, with 6 in secondary education. It is registered with OSCR as a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), Scottish Charity Number - SC044241.

Apacheix is pleased to support the St Jerome's Centre. Our support provides funding to invest in infrastructure projects to improve the home. But it is not just money they need. They also need volunteers to make this happen. We therefore support our employees to volunteer and help turn the projects into reality. By working closely with the charity trustees we think this provides an excellent personal development opportunity for our staff and sets us apart as an employer. To find out how this came about, and to keep up to date on recent developments, see our blog below.

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