A word from the trustees

Tweet We are very pleased that we can post a word from the trustees:When we first heard that Apache ix had offered us corporate sponsorship we thought it was too good to be true. Having met Andrew in Kenya during August 2016 I never doubted that it was a genuine offer but as we are […]

Upwards every day!

Tweet Here is the latest installment from Mark the carpenter from early July 2017. Progress is swift:Upwards every dayWe are forging ahead here and going upwards every day. The walls for the northern group of rooms are now all up to floor level, the workshop/store now has a concrete floor and the perimeter walls are […]

Full steam ahead!

Tweet Here is the latest installment from Mark the carpenter, again from late June 2017. Things seem to be progressing nicely:Full Steam Ahead!It is full steam ahead! I am sitting in the coffee shop in Nakuru on Sunday morning indulging in my weekly luxury of a small black Americano. I have just been to the […]

Breaking ground at last!

Tweet We are lucky to be given regular updates from Mark, the volunteer carpenter overseeing the start of the build. He is breaking ground at last! After a lengthy and bureaucratic process to purchase the land and get the necessary planning permissions, work has begun. Here is Mark’s update from June 2017:Breaking ground at last!Five […]

St Jerome’s Halfway House

Tweet That was it, the decision had been made, the St Jerome’s Halfway House was go! The trustees immediately decided on the next project and made plans to begin. Our funding would make an immediate impact. We were very pleased with this outcome and completely bought in to the decision they made. But what is […]

Pitching the idea to the Trustees

Tweet The St Jerome’s AGM was coming up soon and all the trustees would be there. On the agenda was the development plan for the home for the coming year. It was the perfect time to pitch our offer to them. I knew one of the trustees David well so I rang him up one […]

Pitching the idea to Apacheix

Tweet I knew the pitch wasn’t going to be straight forward. I had been to Kenya and seen what the centre did first hand. I had an emotional attachment to it. But how could I convey this to my business partners. It took some thought as all good pitches do. It turned out that thinking […]

Why the St Jerome’s Centre?

Tweet The journey began back in early 2016. A friend and old work colleague was planning a trip to Kenya. He did this most years and had told me about it before. The trip consisted of some typical Kenyan adventures, including a trip to the Masai Mara, a half marathon, and some time volunteering at […]