CAAS Training Development & Demand Plan

Client Challenge

The upskilling and skills transfer programme that had been undertaken by KPMG on the DE&S CAAS Cost Engineering & Cost Forecasting capability streams required metrication and monitoring of the technical standard of the 250 cost engineers and forecasters within the CAAS organisation. The aim was to demonstrate whether the CAAS technical staff were being upskilled in line with an Awareness, Professional Practitioner, Expert (A-P-E) measurement scale when assessed annually.

Our Role

The work involved developing a process to produce a Training Tube Map aligned with capability streams and technical levels required. This defined the training requirements needed for each individual to help them rise through the A-P-E technical capability levels.  This information was combined with the individuals defined task at hand following consultation in order to produce a development plan that delivers rounded individuals at each capability level. The process was implemented through the logbooks and an online training planning tool to define training and task development demand.

Our Performance

Awarded the certificate for CAAS Cost Engineering Practitioner in recognition of the value added to the department by this development.